About Us,

We’re Razga Company.

Razga company was established in 2002 for contracting and general trading, from 2017 has started leading quality control of three border crossing points. We are a company within the private sector who responsible mainly for testing and quality for all materials imported into Kurdistan region via the three international border points. Our laboratories include Physical, Microbiological, Chemical, Petroleum, Car and Construction laboratory. All analytical tests are implemented by compliance with national and international standards.


Pruducts undergo daily biology testing.


products undergo daily chemistry testing.


Different products we're able to test.

Our Vision

We are leading to reach a high level of quality control to improve public safety and provide food security. Based on scientific value along with professional staff working to obtain best outcome according to international and national standards.

Our Mission

Razga company aims to provide high quality of service that meet the customer requirements based on trust and international standards. Our mission can be achieved by providing best quality of instruments, high level of academic staff, and latest national and international standards to insure giving best outcome accordingly.


Mike's mindful morning

Course • Mindful Mike

Mike's mindful morning

Course • Mindful Mike

Mike's mindful morning

Course • Mindful Mike

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